Hawaiian Steel Volumes 1-6 Bundle

$ 70.00

The Hawaiian Steel Volumes 1-6 Bundle includes all 6-CDs of this amazing, collection of steel guitar albums.  

Hawaiian Steel Vol. 1 includes 16 tracks by the top steel guitar artists from Hawaii.  This album alone is a must for your Hawaiian music collection.

Hawaiian Steel Vol. 2 includes 12 tracks by four of Hawaii's great contemporary steel guitarist:  Alan Akaka, Bobby Igano, Casey Olsen and Greg Sardinha. 

Hawaiian Steel Vol. 3 - Byrd's Nest includes 11 tracks by four of, the "steel guitar master," Jerry Byrd's students: lan Akaka, Casey Olsen, Greg Sardinha and Paul Kim

Hawaiian Steel Vol. 4 - The Artistry of Greg Sardinha includes 14 tracks.  After years of playing with many of Hawaii's greatest musicians this album marks Greg's first solo effort.  Volume 4 weaves many musical textures together creating a real sense of Greg's creative artistry.

Hawaiian Steel Vol. 5 - Duke Kaleolani Ching includes 13 tracks.  Volume 5 of the series highlights the stylings of Mr. Duke Ching, who has been playing the steel guitar since the 60s including a stint as one of Don Ho's musicians.

Hawaiian Steel Vol. 6 -  Steel Guitar Instrumentals of classic Hapa Haole Songs includes 12 tracks performed by Alan Akaka, Casey Olsen and Greg Sardinha.  Hawaiian steel guitar fans will be surprised to hear these veterans entangle their playing styles so beautifully on these memorable classics.

This bundle is a fantastic deal for any and all steel guitar fans!