Hula Island Style Vol. 1

$ 15.00

This is newly recorded songs of Hawaii's Classics–a collection of the most requested and favorite Hapa Haole songs.

Instrumentation of Ukulele, Bass, Steel Guitar and Guitar are heard throughout this CD. This easy-listening CD is sure to satisfy music lovers of Hawaii's hapa haole genre as well as the avid listener of Hawaii's music blend of instruments. 

If you've ever been a visitor to the lovely state of Hawaii this album will bring back memories of that vacation.  The songs are recognizable and best of all if you learned to Hula there is surly a track you'll be able to dance to.

Album contains 12 tracks.

  1. Hukilau by Kuhio Yim
  2. Sweet Leilani by Gary Aiko
  3. My Little Grass Shack by Roddy Lopez 
  4. Love Song of Kalua by Ha`a Heyer
  5. Tiny Bubbles by Gordon Freitas
  6. My Isle of Golden Dreams by Ha`a Heyer
  7. Honolulu City Lights by Roddy Lopez
  8. Waikiki by Gary Aiko
  9. Sea Breeze by Ha`a Heyer
  10. I'll Remember You by Gary Aiko
  11. Lahainaluna by Gordon Freitas
  12. Blue Hawai`i by Gary Aiko